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Clinical Training Intensive Weeks at Sovereignty Herbs

  • Sovereignty Herbs, LLC 7247 N Coolville Ridge Rd Athens United States (map)

When first starting out in clinical practice, there are many factors to consider; from clinical skills, forms, and policies to preparing your own extracts, formulating for clients, and managing your dispensary. Our clinical intensive program weeks at Sovereignty Herbs have been designed to unpack the many facets of clinical practice, remove some of the start-up guesswork, and prime you for the experience of real-life clinical practice and what it might entail for you.

Upon completion of the program, you will be presented with a certificate of attendance as well as a breakdown of educational hours if you are pursuing ‘Registered Herbalist’ designation with the American Herbalists Guild. An application process is required to attend the Clinical Training Intensives. Click the button below for more information and to download the application.


Each clinical intensive week surrounds the Athens Ohio Free Herbal Clinic and will include an opportunity for you to directly observe clinical cases (we will work diligently to have clinical bookings for that day, but we can not make direct contact hour guarantees). Each week will also include elements of the following:

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