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Demystifying Essential Oil Research: An Evidence Based Practice Approach

In collaboration with the New York Institute for Aromatic Studies:

Feb 21, Feb 28, Mar 7, & Mar 14, 2018


$99. thru January 21st (Reg. $149)

Note: This webinar series will be recorded. If you are unable to attend live,
it will be available to you via our online platform.
Earn CE hours for aromatherapy.

The therapeutic use of essential oils spans centuries of traditions from all over the world. However, it is only within the last few decades that the young field of Aromatherapy has spurred pharmacological interest into the scientific study of essential oils and their chemical components. Over the last decade there has been an explosion of interest and use of essential oils coupled with increased concerns regarding safety, efficacy, and adulteration.

Seeking supportive answers, Aromatherapy practitioners and the public alike have been turning to a small, yet growing body of scientific research on essential oils to guide their choices, substantiate their claims of effectiveness, and clarify their safety concerns. However, not all scientific research is considered of equal merit and often members of the public and Aromatherapy practitioners alike find themselves confused, misinformed, intimidated, or overwhelmed. In addition, poorly conducted scientific research can be erroneously used in defense of manipulative marketing schemes or industry dogma. Both of these outcomes stem from a lack of understanding about the varying types of scientific studies of essential oils their relative validity and clinical relevance (often referred to as the ‘hierarchy of research’).

Drawing from parallel conundrums in the field of clinical herbalism, Erika Galentin, MNIMH, RH (AHG) Clinical Herbalist and Certified Aromatherapist (ITEC) leads this four-part webinar series designed to demystify scientific research on essential oils and the practice of Aromatherapy. In this series participants will learn about an Evidence Based Practice (EBP) framework and approach that is applicable to Aromatherapy, including skills of how to critically evaluate scientific research and incorporate such research into essential oil choices and ‘aromatherapeutic’ rationale. This webinar series seeks to explain, in simple terms, the different forms of scientific research commonly referenced by the Aromatherapy community and essential oil industry, providing guidance on how to discern the relevance of such research in regards to the safe and effective use of essential oils in both self-care and clinical settings.

In addition to research evaluation skills, participants will also learn basic internet and database resources and search techniques, including how to formulate efficient and effective search terms, as well as how to use and reference scientific research in essays, blogs, books, and presentations